New June Pictures

It is time to do a little creative work, to test old cameras and keep learning the new digital machine.  The F3 is dusted off and cleaned, some rolls run through it, the ancient Vivitar 283 left at a shop to see if it still can work and an FM3A left for the same reason.  Wandering with a film camera that I actually know how to use was fun, the scans ok to work with.

I began a file of pictures from which I may have real prints made rather than the cheap-printer variety that never fail to un-impress.  Then there is the search for what to shoot, how to regain a passion of more than 50 years that had begun to escape me.  Changes come hard in this world.

Hieroglyphs from Past Civilizations

Hieroglyphs from Past Civilizations

Photos ©Howard Dratch, 2009.  Mouse-over picture for preview of the gallery.

Click on the preview to go to the gallery, click on thumbnails to launch it.


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