Ivy, the Giant Schnauzer Puppy


The “puppy”, once neglected, skinny and afraid of her own shadow is now growing bigger, slightly braver and very spoiled. We are waiting for help training her (actually I need the training most).
Last night she was totally out of control, filled with puppy-energy and mischievous desires. She broke a potted plant which sounded like glass breaking so neighbors called the police (really good of them!).  I opened the door through the “barda” (perimeter wall) to find 8-10 police with guns and assault weapons, motorcycles, police trucks, etc. Just what I needed at 1 in the AM.
This morning I took Ivy for a walk first thing to work off her energy — forgot my keys to the door in the barda. After hours in the heat a policeman named Jesus (fitting this weekend) who I know from chatting about the neighborhood; came to my aid, climbed the wall where the broken glass is not.
I am considering hot Ivy-dogs for lunch.  With salsa.
After living in a border state of Mexico for many years, having the actual help and protection of police is astoundingly pleasant.

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