Living Nocturnally: Because the NIght

Living Nocturnally: Because the NIght

It has been most (or all) of my life that sleep only comes late or even later. It is my time to shine even if I do love the sun, swimming and gardens in the bright light of day. Still, my day starts with sunset.

Living in a lovely tropical city with a gruesome climate (often 38-41C) except in the summer when it is also heavy with humidity; presents too much of a temptation (or physical need) to avoid the day. Mexicans learned well that mid-day is for siestas; the night for fiestas.

Photography – is an art that relies on light in one way or another. Normally I needed to wait “for the light”. Sometimes hours or days or weeks for architectural shots. Now I am playing with artificial lights, long exposures and other ways “Because the Night” begs it.


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