Ivy Versus the Beastly Flu

It would be nonsensical to say that Ivy protected me from the nasty flu.  It bit me but good.  The last 2 -3 days were deathly uncomfortabel but still full of workmen doing previously contracted work on the house.  Ivy “helped” by barking at each of them and the baby girl could scare anyone even with her ribbon with bow.  Those big lungs bellow well and the huge, white teeth keep me ordering her to “callate” which she does for short periods as if stifling sobs that try to come out.  I sat with the contratctor outside and that elicited her try to come protect me (who really knows what lurks in the mind of a Giant Schnauzer?).

She forcefully pushed me to get my exercise which is necessary by taking her on the walks she needs and coming home to play “fetch” more often than excites me.  That, though, ends soon since her idea of fetch is to go after the ball and return in triumph.  I am working hard to convince her that the part where she gives it back is an important element of continuity in the game.

Then there was the 2d expensive leather leash she bit into pieces.  Next time I’m going to Home Depot for heavy steel links.

But, under all of it, was Ivy helping me fight the damn flu by concentrating on a 50-60 lb. fluffy, ear licking machine with the bright eyes and big heart.

The picture is last month's.  She just had a similar cut; pale blue ribbon this time.

The picture is last month’s. She just had a similar cut; pale blue ribbon this time.


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