Focus. 52 Frames Weekly

52 Frames is a wonderful, global photography group with weekly themes. Sadly, I can’t keep up with the younger, more dedicated & creative group. Photographers should shoot not weekly but daily. The camera an extension of the eye; the 3d eye of creativity; filled with joy. It now eludes me: the energy, creativity, joy. Still, after more than 60 years since my 1st photo with my mom’s Brownie; I have to force myself to bother with pictures, thrash through the syrupy heat of the tropical days and accept my physical limitations, deteriorating eyesight & crashing sense of whatever creativity I once had.

But I did find the will yesterday, on the cusp of the deadline, to shoot Priscila’s training bike (not touching her beloved racing bike w/o permission). The derailleur fascinates me. My 1st nice bike, a 3 speed Raleigh English racer, couldn’t hold a candle to this little standard transmission.

Submission to 52 Frames: Focus Week

Submission to 52 Frames: Focus Week


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