Recuperating_52F_hfdratchThis week’s 52 Frames theme was “The Body”.  I couldn’t deal with mine – recently sliced up to change a cardiac device; then again after it failed the next day.  The failure seems to have damaged the heart a trifle more than the severe damage it already suffered.  I tried working with my big, black model, La Bestia, but she refused to take off her fur coat and likes to lick the lens.

My young, beautiful friend would refuse to exhibit her athletic body to an elderly gentleman.

So I came up with my take on my body during a week when I fall asleep if I close my eyes, force myself to take The Beast walking since I need the movement and she gets crazy without it; becomes The Queen of Barks.

So I shot this.  Part of a dose.  My world at present.  Too far removed from the subject; I decided not to submit it.


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