Façades Fachadas Merida Yucatan

Facades Merida

I set out to make a quick, simple, little book from some photos I had made these past 8 or 9 years in my adopted city of Merida.  It would be fun.  It would cross “book” off my bucket list before I kick it.

It is now done & available on the Blurb store.  For now I am avoiding Amazon.  The Blurb site does show a clear preview.

Blurb bookstore:  or paste this to your browser:  http://www.blurb.com/b/8208859-fa-ades-fachadas-el-centro-merida-yucatan

There is a printed 8×10 version of 46 pages, hardcover and a PDF version that is said to be viewable on any device.  Mac’s Preview tends to be my favorite.  Any version should be set to two-page view which might render better.

The Ebook version may yet come when I can re-design and caption much of it to fit in the Ebook format.

Did I say it would be fun?  Only if dozens of hours of work on the design and even more dozens in articles and tutorials on Lightroom and the Nik Collection, re-adjusting most pictures with new-found knowledge and then turning my totally non-design skills toward design can be considered “fun”.  Not fun; perhaps reveling in the digital world of the 21st c.  It would have been better if it came sooner…or I came later.  Of course there was the walking, looking, sometimes finding places that caught my fancy.


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