Merida Faces: The Winking Car

Merida Faces: The Winking Car

Welcome to my Photo Blog from Merida, Yucatan.  It is under the unnerving tropical sun beating down with a nearly insupportable heat.  I haven’t been shooting much in years – illnesses, surgeries, laziness, PTSD.

Pictures are the nearly universal language so I will concentrate on photos.  Words are fun but often fail to pass on what I really want to say.

Bienvenido a mi FotoBlog, Imagenes de Yucatan.  Aqui bajo del sol tropico y calor casi insuportable.  Yo no fotografado muchos durante unos años – enfermedades, cirujias…

Imagenes y fotos son la lengua universal.  Yo concentraré de fotos.  Palabras son divertido pero muchos veces fallan decir exactamente lo que yo quiero decir.

Nuevamente, Bienvenido.  Again, Welcome.



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  1. You said something about your health deteriorating; are you better now? I hope so!! thanks for the notes about the Cafe Cafico!! I was looking through my things from last year to find the name and number of this place, and having NO luck!! Thanks to you………my french roast is on it’s way to Casa Azul. I am very happy!! Maybe we could meet for a cup of Cuban?? Lovely day, Ronna

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