Night Street Shootingn: El Centro

52 Frames pushed me out the door this week to do some street photography. It is something I usually love. The 1st try took me into the oppressive heat of Merida and was a fail. Saturday night I had a better time with the tourists & locals out in the Historic District (El Centro).

I submitted one as an uninvited guest at a wedding party emerging from a historic church but have now changed it and another to B&W. Much more effective.

The other two are from the tourist magnet corner of the park by the Cathedral, El Parque (where once the Mayan temple stood, its’ stones used by Mayan slaves to build the “new” Spanish city), & Governor’s Palace, etc.






52 Frames is a great site to challenge one’s photography; for me to push me to find reasons to shoot. Sadly, I can’t seem to keep up these days. The subject was “Repetition” last week. Finally Saturday I went afield thinking to work on exposed tree roots, chaos theory and the repetitive nature of fractal geometry. (I didn’t get it together to edit Saturday night so neglected another week.) Another time. I found in my favorite nearby construction site more patterns & forms. The diagonals enticed me most, especially sporting orange in the fading light.


Construction Site: Machinery

For 52 Frames I missed “levitation” and wasn’t happy with my version of being “behind the scenes”. Returning to basics & my fascination with construction & machinery – what my wife called, “Little boy pictures” – these are results of an afternoon sneaking into a new mega-structure rising near my house in the north of Merida.

Truck-mounted crane at another mixed-use major development in Merida

Truck-mounted crane at another mixed-use major development in Merida


Truck-mounted crane - step.

Truck-mounted crane – step.



Back To Basics: Shape, Form, Color

I am shooting so little that it seems time to return to basics: shapes, forms, colors, textures and the usual flowers, construction & the ever-present Queen-dog of the house.

Basic Series: Shape, Color,  Texture, Form...

Basic Series: Shape, Color, Texture, Form…

Ivy, La Bestia

Post grooming Ivy taken by poor phone/cam.

Post grooming Ivy (June 5). Taken w/cell phone; camera left in bag in background.

Weathered Wooden Door In El Centro

Weathered wooden door in El Centro, Merida

Weathered wooden door in El Centro, Merida

Taken some weeks ago. I like rims, wheels, mechanisms, transportation modes but missed 52 Frames “transportation” week.




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